HOW TO WRITE A RESUME — Как написать резюме

No matter what method of job hunting you use, inevitably somebody will ask you for a resume. Most companies require a resume before seriously considering a job candidate from the outside. Resumes are sometimes also required in order to receive a job transfer within a company. The purpose of a resume is to help you obtain a job interview, not a job. Very few people are hired without a personal interview. Effective resumes are straightforward, factual presentations of a person’s experience and accomplishments. They are neither overdetailed nor too sketchy.

A general rule is that two or three pages in length is best. One page seems too superficial; a four-page (or longer) resume may irritate an impatient official employment. Some writers suggest that a chronological (the standard-type) resume be used; others argue for an accomplishment resume. A useful resume should include both your experiences and key accomplishments. When sent to a prospective employer, a resume should be professionally reproduced, with particular attention to misspellings, typographical errors, and careful spacing. To attract attention, some job seekers print resumes on tinted paper, in a menu-folder like, or on unusual-sized paper. If done in a way to attract positive attention to yourself, these approaches have merit.


inevitably [ɪn’evitəblɪ] — неизбежно, непременно

to require [n’kwaɪə] — требовать

to hire [‘haɪə] — нанимать, брать на работу

accomplishment [ə’kʌmplɪʃmənt] — выполнения; достижения

superficial [,sju:pə’fɪʃ(ə)l] — этажный

to irritate [‘ɪrɪteɪt] — раздражать

tinted [‘ tɪntɪd] paper — тоновый цветная бумага

merit [‘merɪt] — достоинство


1. What is the purpose of a resume?

2. What are effective resumes?

3. What is the length of effective resumes ?

4. What should a useful resume include ?

5. How should a resume be reproduced?


Arthur L. Poland 170 Glenview Drive Dallas, Texas 75243 Born: August 8,1952 Single: no dependants (312) 385-3986

Job Objective. Industrial sales position, handling large, complex machinery. Willing to work largely on commission basis.

Job Experience. Industrial account representative, Bainbridge Corporation, Dallas

1976—present. Sell line of tool and die equipment to companies in Southwest. Duties include servicing established accounts and canvassing for new ones.

1974-1976. Inside sales representative, Bainbridge Corporation. Answered customer inquiries. Filled orders for replacement parts. Trained for outside sales position.

1970-1974. Tool and die maker apprentice, Texas Metals, Inc., Dallas. Assisted senior tool and die makers during four-year training program. Worked on milling machines, jigs, punch presses, numeric control devices.

Formal Education

1970-1974. Madagascar College, Dallas, Texas. Associate Degree in Business Administration; graduated with 3.16 grade point average: courses in marketing, sales techniques, consumer psychology, accounting, and statistics. President of Comuter’s Club.

1966-1970. Big Horn High, Dallas. Honors student; academic major with vocational elective. Played varsity football and basketball. Earned part of living expenses by selling magazine subscriptions.

Job-Related Skills. Competent sales representative. Able to size up customer’s manufacturing problem and make recommendation for appropriate machinery. Precise in preparing call reports and expense accounts.

Major Business Accomplishment. In one year sold at a profit $150 000 worth of excess machine inventory. Received letter of recommendation from company president.

Personal Interests and Hobbies. CW radio hobbyist, scuba diving, recreational golf player, read trade and business magazines.


Mrs Helen Voroshilova ap. 12, 18 Lenina Str., Kharkiv 61072, Ukraine

Years of study Education
1993 Special Programming Training Courses. Certificate
1983 Specialized Training Courses for Professional Improvement of Technical Engineering Workers at Kharkiv House of Engineering. Certificate
1966-1972 Kharkiv Aviation University. Diploma for Radio Equipment Designing and Manufacture
1954-1966 Kharkiv Secondary School No 100. Certificate
Years of work Employment
1994 -till present Place of work-. ENERGOSBEREZHENIE International Consortium. Position: Engineer-programmer
1. Software development of the group control, controller for asynchronous engines.

2. Development of the circuits and switching devices control programme in connection with an object of control.

3. Software development within take-over and turnover tests system for asynchronous engines. Programming is made under ASSEMBLER language.

1993-1994 Place of wort. ENERGETICHESKAYA ELECTRONICA State Small Business. Position-. Engineer-programmer
Programmed problems:

1. Regular software modelling of management engine controllers on personal computers.

2. Development of electronic engine control devices.

Programming is made under ASSEMBLER language.

1993-1974 ce=»georgia, serif»>Place of work: KOMMUNAR Production Association

Position: Electronics engineer Programmed problems:

1. Maintenance of electronic equipment for automatic process control production systems of multilayer printed-circuit cards.

2. Maintenance of electronic equipment for automatic process control system of vacuum spraying current-conducting layers of printed-circuit cards.

3. Maintenance of electronic equipment of automatic process control system of galvanic lines.


All the posts were connected with necessity of brain-work and technical supervising.


Effectiveness in communication with the staff of employees. The capability to be on good terms with people, to handle with tact the human conflicts in the labour relations. Fluent skills in Ukrainian and Russian.


The ability to work as the engineer-technologist, having a good understanding in this field. Certificate for clothes sewing and modelling.


Surname Arkusha
First name Yury
Date of birth 9th January, 1969
Place of birth Markovka, Lugansk Reg.
Nationality Russian
Religion Orthodox
Personal status Married
Children Daugther Olga, 1993
Profession Pharmaceutist
Present occupation Head and pharmaceutical chemist of pharmacy No 2 of «FORMA LTD Research and Production Medical and Stomatological Company of Lugansk
Language proficiency Ukrainian: mother tongue Russian: reading, writing, speaking — well

English: reading, writing — with the help of dictionaries

Education • Russian Pharmaceutical academy (Kharkiv), from 1987 to 1993, majors: nine schooleds in chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical

and factory technology of medicine production, organization and economics of pharmacy, marketing and management

• Secondary School No 9 (Belovodsk, Lugansk Reg.), from 1976 to 1986

Working experience • Head and pharmaceutical chemist, Pharmacy No 2 of «Forma Ltd Research and Production Medical and Stomatological Company of Lugansk, from 1997

• Head and pharmaceutical chemist, Pharmacy No 2 of «Doctor Watson» Pharmaceutical Centre, from 1996 to 1997

• Pharmaceutical chemist, Pharmacy No 2 of «Doctor Watson» Pharmaceutical Centre, 1996

• Commercial Director and Pharmaceutical

Chemist, Lugansk branch office of «Askol’d» Private Business, Wholesale and Retail Sale in Medicines, from 1995 to 1996

• Deputy Head, Reception Department of Lugansk Regional Pharmaceutical Warehouse from 1993 to 1995

• Military Service, as a part of Academic Studies, from 1988 to 1989

• Turner of II Grade in Metal, Specialized Mobile Column No 48 (Belovodsk, Lugansk Reg.), from 1986 to 1987

Personal features Easy to contact and communicate, active, sociable, enterprising
Driving license and experience ABK № 483953 of 1988, ABC categories experience of car and truck driving
Contact address Ap. 35, 9 Dzerzhyns’kyi kvartal, Lugansk 349040
Contact telephone (0642) 22 33 99 (Home)
Remarks All the members of my family deal with medicine. My wife has got higher pharmaceutical education and works as a pharmaceutical chemist in a commercial pharmacy. My mother, father and elder brother have got higher medical education and all work as doctors in hospital and out patient clinics

I declare that all the responses and information given here are true and correct.



Write your own resume curriculum vitae.

Как написать резюме

Независимо от того, каким способом вы ищете работу, вас непременно кто-нибудь попросит написать резюме. Большинство компаний требует резюме перед тем, как серьезно рассмотреть какую-то новую для компании кандидатуру на должность. Резюме иногда также нужны для того, чтобы перевести человека на новую работу в пределах компании. Цель резюме — помочь вам встретиться для разговора по поводу работы, а не получить саму работу. Очень мало людей берут на работу без личной беседы. Эффективные резюме должны быть простыми, они фактически являются представлением опыта кандидата и его достижений. Их не перегружают подробностями, но и очень схематичными они тоже не должны быть. Общее правило — лучше две или три страницы. Резюме, с одной страницы кажется очень поверхностным, из четырех страниц (или больше) может раздражать нетерпеливого представителя отдела кадров. Некоторые авторы предлагают писать резюме в хронологическом порядке (стандартный тип); другие приводят доказательства в пользу резюме

достижений. Пригодное резюме Должно включать как ваш опыт, так и ключевые достижения. Отправляя резюме к будущему работодателю, его» нужно профессионально оформить, обратив особое внимание на орфографические ошки, опечатки и на правильное расположение текста. Чтобы привлечь внимание, некоторые искатели работы печатают резюме на тоновом цветной бумаге, или в папке для меню, либо на необычном по величине бумаге. Если это сделано, чтобы привлечь положительное внимание к себе, такие подходы заслуживают одобрения.

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