MONEY — Деньги

Rene Labouche was a young man with very little money, but very big dreams. He worked at a factory and earned only a few hundred francs a month. He owned almost nothing — some old furniture, some clothes and an old bicycle, but he dreamed of having a big house and a big car.

Every day Rene purchased five lottery tickets for five francs each. He dreamed that one day he would win the big prize in the national lottery and become a millionaire. Then he could afford to buy whatever he wanted and would never have to work another day in his life.

One day as usual Rene opened the newspaper to check his numbers. He read the numbers slowly, «6-11-31-32-47-49». Those were his numbers! He looked again. «6-11-31-32-47-49». He had won. He had won the national lottery. He was a millionaire!

Suddenly everyone wanted to be Rene’s friend. Many people came to him and asked if they could borrow money. «Of course, we’ll pay back every centime», they said. Others told him about their wonderful ideas for making money. «If you invest 500 000 francs in this project, they said, «we promise in two years you will make a big profit and double your money».

The money had come easily and Rene spent it easily. He lent 25 000 francs to this friend and 50 000 francs to that. He invested 500 000 francs here and 800 000 francs there. He made no effort to saveanything.

When he bought something he never looked at the price. If something cost a thousand francs, he paid a thousand francs. He never worried about whether it was worth it or not. He bought cars, jewellery and clothes. He also bought airline tickets. He flew first class to all the major cities of the world. He stayed in the best hotels, he ate in the best restaurants and bought the finest clothes.

Then one day, when he came to pay his bill at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, the manager had to tell him, «i’m sorry, sir, but i’m afraid your credit card company will not pay this bill».

Rene flew home. It was true he had no more money. He went back to the people who owed him money but they were unable to repay him. The projects in which he had invested his money had all made losses. In six months Rene had spent ten million francs.

Rene now had no choice. He had to sell the cars-the watches and the clothes and he had to go back to work at the factory.


to earn [ə:n] — зарабатывать

to own [əun] — владеть, иметь

to purchase [‘pə:tʃəs] — покупать, приобретать

to afford [ə’fɔ:d] — позволять себе

to make money [,meɪk ‘mʌnɪ] — зарабатывать деньги

to invest [ɪn’vest] — вкладывать (инвестировать) деньги (капитал) (в — in)

to такое a profit [meɪk ə ‘profit] — получать прибыль

to spend [spend] (spent, spent) — тратить

to save [seɪv] — сберегать; хранить

to cost [kɔst] (cost, cost) — стоить, обходиться

worth [wə:θ] — стоит; что имеет стоимость (цену)

to repay [ri:’peɪ] — возвращать (долг)

to make losses [meɪk ‘lɔsɪz] — терпеть убытки


1. Where does the money go?’

2. What percentage of money do you spend on food, transport, housing, taxes, clothes and entertainment?

3. One of shakespeare’s characters says, «Neither a borrower, nor a lender be «. What does it mean ? Do you agree ?

4. How easy is it for a poor man to become rich in your country?

5. Do you save money for anything?

6. What would you do if you won in lottery?


1. Fill the gaps using the Past Tense of verbs below. Be careful, most of them are irregular.

buy, spend, lose, pay, cost, sell, win, waste, find, give

1. My car was five years old, so I…….. it and…….. a new


2. I was very sad when I…….. my watch in the street. It

was a present from my wife and it…….. her a lot of

money. Fortunately, somebody……………. it the next day

nt-style:italic»>and took it to a Police Station.

3. I…….. over £2 000 for my computer, but it isn Й worth

very much now.

4. My father…….. me £50 last week but I……..most of it

on a ticket for a concert on Friday.

5. Last week somebody……..£I million in a game on

television. It Was incredibly exciting.

6. I’m afraid I…… money on those CDs because I

never play them.

2. What can you say in these situations? Complete the sentences. Use the following words: to be worth, to cost/to pay, to lend, to afford.

Example: You want to tell a friend that a restaurant wasn’t cheap. ‘The restaurant was quite expensive’.

1. You want to know the value of your friend’s gold ring. How much is…….. ?

2. A friend wants to go to an expensive restaurant but you don’t have enough money. I’m afraid I………

3. You want to borrow some money from a friend. Could you…….. ?

4. You want to know how much a friend paid for her dictionary. How much…….. ?

3. How quickly can you answer these questions? Write down answers to all of them in one minute, then go back and check. If possible, ask someone else the same questions.

1. Is the currency in America called the dollar?

2. Is a five-pound note worth less than a fifty-pence piece ?

3. If you lend something to someone do they borrow it?

4. If you waste money, do you use it well?

5. Is ‘sterling’ a currency ?

6. If you ‘can’t afford’ something, do you have enough money for it?

7. Does «cost of living» mean the same as «standard of living «?

8. If someone tells you a hotel is reasonable, it is very expensive?

4. Write down the approximate price of six things in your country, например a daily newspaper, a short bus journey, a cup of coffee in a bar/cafe, a ticket for the cinema, hamburger, a pair of jeans, etc. Do you think the price is expensive, reasonable, cheap? Compare your answers with someone from the same town, and if possible, someone from a different country.


Рене Лабуш — молодой человек, у которого было очень мало денег, но он много о чем мечтал. Он работал на фабрике и зарабатывал лишь несколько сотен франков за месяц. Он не имел почти ничего — немного старой мебели, немного одежды и старый велосипед, — но мечтал о большой дом и большой автомобиль.

Каждый день Рене покупал пять лотерейных билетов по пять франков каждый. Он мечтал, что однажды выигрывает большой приз в национальной лотерее и станет миллионером. Тогда он смог бы позволить себе покупать все что угодно и больше ни дня в жизни не работать.

Как-то, как всегда, Рене развернул газету, чтобы проверить номера. Он читал номера медленно: «6-11-31-32-47-49». Это были его номера! Он посмотрел снова. «6-11-31-32-47-49». Он выиграл! Он выиграл в национальной лотерее. Он стал миллионером!

Вдруг всем захотелось стать друзьями Рене. Много людей приходили к нему и просили одолжить им денег. «Конечно, мы вернем тебе каждый сантим», — говорили они. Другие рассказывали ему о свои замечательные идеи, как заработать деньги. «Если вывложите 500 000 франков в этот проект, — говорили они, — мы гарантируем, что через два года вы получите большой доход и удвоите ваши деньги».

Деньги были получены легко, и Рене с легкостью тратил их. Он одолжил 25 000 франков одному другу и 50 000 франков другом. Он вложил 500 000 франков сюда и 800 000 франков туда. Он не прилагал никаких усилий, чтобы что-то сэкономить.

Когда он покупал, то никогда не смотрел на цену. Когда-то стоило тысячу франков, он платил тысячу франков и никогда не занимался, стоит оно того или нет. Он покупал автомобили, драгоценности и одежду. Он также покупал билеты на самолеты. Он летал первым классом во все крупнейшие города мира и останавливался в лучших отелях, питался в лучших ресторанах и покупал лучшую одежду.

Вскоре, когда он пришел рассчитаться в отеле в Рио-де-Жанейро, менеджер был вынужден сообщить ему: «Извините, сэр, но боюсь, что ваша кредитная компания не будет оплачивать этот счет».

Рене прилетел домой. Действительно, у него больше не было денег. Он пошел к людям, которые задолжали ему, но они не смогли вернуть долг. Проекты, в которые он вложил свои деньги, оказались убыточными. За шесть месяцев Рене потратил десять миллионов франков.

У Рене теперь не было выбора. Ему пришлось продать автомобили, часы и одежду и вернуться к работе на фабрике.

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