ГДЗ (ответы) по английскому языку 8 класс Афанасьева Михеева

Домашняя работа по английскому языку 8 класс

Часть 1 (учебник)

Первый шаг

  1. Закончите разделительные вопросы и от­ветьте на них.
  • You didn’t go anywhere, did you? No, I didn’t go anywhere. Yes, I was at the sea this summer.
  • You stayed in your home town, didn’t you? Yes, I did. No, I didn’t stay in my home town, I stayed in the country.
  • The weather was terrible in the summer, wasn’t it? Yes, it was very hot. No, it wasn’t warm enough.

ГДЗ (ответы) по английскому языку 8 класс


  • It never rained in the summer, didn’t it? Yes, it didn’t rain. No, it rained in July a few days.
  • You often go boating, don’t you? Yes, I often go boating. No, I never went boating.
  • Nobody went with you, didn’t they? Yes, nobody went with us. No, everybody went with us.
  • You didn’t make sand castles on the beach, did you? Yes, I didn’t make sand castles. No, I made sand castles on the beach.
  • You had a lot of fun, didn’t you? Yes, I had a lot of fun. No, it was boring.
  • You couldn’t go abroad, could you? Yes, I couldn’t go abroad. No, I could. I visited Spain this year.
  • Your parents were with you during the summer, weren’t they? Yes, they were with me. No, they weren’t with me.
  • You weren’t in the north of the country, were you? No, I weren’t in the north, but at the south of the country. Yes, I were in the north of the country.
  • You didn’t go to the forest much, did you? Yes, I didn’t go to the forest much. No, I went to the forest often.
  • You saw a lot of interesting places, didn’t you? Yes, I saw a lot of interesting places. No, I didn’t see any interesting places.
  • You didn’t write a diary, did you? No, I wrote a diary. Yes, I didn’t write a diary.
  • You invited nobody to visit me, didn’t you? Yes, I invited nobody to see you. No, I invited your friends to see you.
  1. Джон Баркер и его семья этим летом ездили в США. Теперь он знает много об Америке. А как много вы знаете о ней?

Скажите: правда или ложь.

  • Washington D.C.
  • «False. The beginning of \9th
  • North.
  • Northern America.
  • McKinley mountain.
  • State.
  • Alaska.
  1. Найдите соответствия в двух колонках.
    • b; 4) а;
    • d; 5) с.
    • е;
  1. Дополните предложения. Используйте данные слова.
    • only; 7) only;
    • proud; 8) same;
    • high; 9) same;
    • proud; 10) wild;
    • historic; 11)
    • wild;
  1. Напишите, что это.
  2. South America. 2. The Russian



  1. Great Britain.
  2. Australia.
  3. Напишите на английском.

Historic building, fifty states, to bring back the exercise-book, to build the bridge, high skyscrapers, wild flowers, my only friend, the same answer, to be proud of this country, the moon and the stars, to remember Russian history, the biggest state.

Второй шаг

7.  Africa.

8.  The USA.

9.  Ireland.

  1. Найдите соответствия в колонках.


7)  b;

8)  е;

9)  i; Ю) g; 11) к.

Df; 2) d;

3)      с;

4)        j;

5)      а;

6)      h;




  1. Дополните предложения.


1) I remember the day when I met my friend.


  • I remember the place where I played football.
  • I remember the song which was popular last year.
  • I remember the man who taught me to swim.
  • I remember the time when I didn’t need to go to school.
  • I remember the book which impressed me much.


  • I am proud of my marks.
  • My parents are proud of me.
  • My friend is proud of his dog.
  • My teacher is proud of her pupils.
  • We are proud of our country.
  1. Скажите, что и когда построили в Нор­тоне.

They built a shop in the city of Norton in 2000.

They built a swimming bath in the city of Norton in 1978.

They built a building in the city of Norton in 1754.

They built a palace of music in the city of Norton in 2001.

They built a castle in the city of Norton in 1872.

They built a school in the city of Norton in 1995.

They built a post office in the city of Norton in 1968.

They built a cafe in the city of Norton in 1981.

They built a bus station in the city of Norton in 1954.

They built a sky scraper in the city of Norton in 1986.

They built a monument in the city of Norton in 1920.

They built a university in the city of Norton in 1952.

They built a hospital in the city of Norton in 1833.

  1. Скажите, что это.
    • The Pacific is the ocean.
    • Canada is a country.
    • The Appalachians are the mountains.
    • Mexico is a country.
    • The Mississippi is a river.
    • The Ontario is a lake.
    • The Colorado is a river.
    • Alaska is a state.
    • Hawaii is a state.
    • The Atlantic is the ocean.
    • The USA is a country.
    • The Huron is a lake.

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