ГДЕ (ответы) по английскому языку 9 класс Кузовлев

Ответы по английскому языку 9 класс

Предлагаемое учебное пособие содержит образцы выполнения всех заданий и упражнений из контрольных работ, рабочей тетради, книги для чтения и учебника «Английский язык: учеб. для 9 кл. общеобразоват. учреждений» В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа, Э.Ш. Перегудова и др.

Пособие адресовано родителям, которые смогут проконтролировать детей, а в случае необходимости помочь им в выполнении домашней работы по английскому языку.


ГДЕ (ответы) по английскому языку 9 класс



Yes, through the texts we can see that all the teens enjoy reading, despite all of them like different books.

Why does John like reading?

John likes reading, because it helps him to learn more, to become smarter and to succeed in life.

  • What are John’s favourite genres?

John loves reading fiction. He adores adventure, humour, histori­cal novels, and crime fiction.

  • What genres does Beth like? Why?

Beth’s favourite genre is fantasy, because it helps her feel the sense of magic in the world.

  • What does Emma think about romances and poetry? Emma loves reading romances and poetry the best.
  • Have books influenced Sally’s life? In what way?

Yes, books have helped her at school and making friends, they have helped her to understand different people and cultures, books have encouraged Sally to learn more about new subjects and to try new hobbies.

  • Why does Sally prefer non-fiction books?

Sally prefers non-fiction books because they are very educative and informative.

  • Which book does Nancy recommend? Why?

Nancy recommends reading Fear Street by R. L. Stine to those, who love horror novels. Because this is an exciting story that you will never put down.

  • What is Sam’s opinion about reading?

Sam thinks that reading is a hard work, but he enjoys sports books and reading magazines when he has time.

Present Simple: I love reading fiction — Я люблю читать художественную литературу.

Present Progressive: I’m reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen at the moment — В настоящее время я читаю Гордость и предубеждение автора Джейн Остен.

Решение упражмиий к учМмиц В. L Яуземем и дц

Present Perfect: I have read a lot since I was taught to read — Я много прочитала с того момента как научилась читать. Present Perfect Progressive: I have been reading Fear Street by R. L. Stine this week — Я читала Улицу Страха автора P. JI. Стайна на этой неделе.


1) Most of the teenagers find reading an enjoyable activity. They consider reading relaxing.

They know it can support learning and be educational and infor­mative.

Reading can even improve their lives.

However, some of young people find it boring and a hard work. The four most popular genres are fantasy fiction, adventure, hu­mour, horror/thriller books.

Biographies/autobiographies are more popular than sports books.

Realistic teenage fiction is less popular with teens than crime/de­tective novels.

The least enjoyable are cook books.

The survey shows that books about special interests and hobbies are read by less than a quarter of teens.

Less than a half young people say that books help them to under­stand different people and cultures. A third says that horror stories are informative. However, some young people say that romance is the best type of books.

3) Less than a half of our class say that fantasy fiction is interesting. Two in five say that adventure is their favourite genre. A third says that romance is only for girls.

Classic novels are less popular with our class than historical novels. Around a third says that they prefer horror.

This week I have been reading Kristina by Steven King. This book, which is written by a famous fantasy fiction and horror author, touched my imagination. My favourite genre is horror, so it really came into me without putting down. Reading is a way for me to analyze different people’s relations and behaviour. Steven King can perfectly describe such things. I think reading makes us smarter and more intelligent, and it widens our imagination. I would recommend to read Kristina because this novel is breath­taking and interesting.


  • Dickens was famous for his humorous novel The Pickwick Papers, written in
  • When and where was Charles Dickens born? Dickens was born in Portsmouth in
  • What was his childhood like?

He read many books at an early age and he wrote a play himself.

  • When did Charles begin working? Charles had to go to work at ten.
  • Where had Charles worked before he became famous? He had worked as a reporter for several years.
  • What was he doing when he worked as a reporter? He was writing for a variety magazines.
  • What novel made Dickens famous? It was The Pickwick Papers.
  • When was this novel published? It was published in
  • What did Dickens write about?

He described what he had learned in his hard childhood.

  • When and where were Dickens’ novels set? His novels were set in Victorian England.
  • What do people value Charles Dickens’ novels for?

To many people the characters of his novels seemed more real than the real characters of history.

  • Past Simple Active: He learned to read at an early age — Он научился читать в раннем возрасте.

Past Simple Passive: Не has worked as a reporter for several years before his first novels were published — Он уже несколько лет работал репортером к тому времени как были опубликованы его первые романы.

Past Progressive: At the same time he was writing for a veriety of magazines — В то же время он писал для нескольких журналов. Past Perfect: In these novels he described what he had learned in his hard childhood — В этих романах он описывал то, что узнал во времена его трудного детства.

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