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8 класс. Английский язык ГДЗ, ответы


Lesson 1

  1. Change the sentences. Use which or who.

This is Misha Inin who comes from Russia and is spending this year in St. David’s School in England.

This is Rob MacWizard who is Misha’s best friend.

This is Rob’s older brother Mark who is interested in history.

This is the family ring which was lost a long time ago.

ГДЗ (ответы) по английскому языку 8 класс


This is the family history book which contains seven keys to the old family treasure.

This is Emily Wilson who helped Misha when he had problems at school.

This is Agent Cute who is a very nice guy and always helps Misha, Robin and Mark.

This is Agent Cute’s boss who is the head of a detective agency.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1

  1. Scan the text and say: what did Sasha learn to do? Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные за­главными буквами, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста.

Sasha’s summer holidays.

This summer Sasha went camping with his class. It took them five hours to get to the place.

They liked he campsite very much because very few people knew about it. It was clean, there were a lot of fish in the river and a lot of berries and mushrooms in the wood. They were lucky with the weather — it was hot all the time. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Sasha learned to put up a tent and make a fire. He also took a lot of pictures of his friends who liked them very much. Of course they lay in the sun and swam a lot. They also caught a lot of fish. At night they used to sit around the campfire and tell funny stories. Sasha’s friend often made up his stories , and they were always better ones. Sasha thinks that it was the best holiday of his life.

  1. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.
    1. Lesson will begin at 9 m. tomorrow.
    2. We are meeting my friends tonight.


  1. She writes good books. She soon will be famous.
  2. Is Mike ill? I will phone him tomorrow.
  3. Translate into English.
    1. What are you going to do this year?
    2. My friend will study French.
    3. I won’t be late for lessons.
    4. He will read more books.
    5. She is going to write a story.
      1. Match the contractions and the full forms of the verbs.

He’ll — he will He’s — he is

She’s been — she has been They’re — they are I’m — I am Won’t — will not Didn’t — did not You’re — you are Weren’t — were not I’ve — I have It’s — it is Can’t — can not

  1. Complete the sentences. Use the correct questions tags.
  2. She was very tired yesterday, wasn’t she?


  1. They’re her friends, aren’t they?
  2. They’ll be angry, won’t they?
  3. You don’t know him, do you?
  4. The Thames is a long river, isn’t it?
  5. Sveta has to arrive at 6 o’clock, hasn’t she?
  6. The boys are playing football, aren’t they?
  7. He didn’t see him last week, did he?
  8. She went to Rostov last summer, didn’t she?
  9. He’s been to England, hasn’t he?
  10. It’s his favourite book, isn’t it?

Lesson 2, 3

    1. Match the expressions and their translations.
  1. Translate the sentences into Russian.
    1. Темнеет. Я должен идти домой.
    2. Мэри будет счастлива. У меня для нее прелестный подарок.
    3. Мои друзья приехали на вокзал, но по­езд уже ушел.
    4. Я стал здоровее после того, как стал чле­ном футбольного клуба.
    5. Этот певец становится действительно популярным.
    6. Он наш лучший студент. Он всегда полу­чает отличные отметки.
    7. Ты можешь дать мне немного бумаги? Я собираюсь написать письмо.
    8. Алекс первым вошел в комнату и увидел большую Рождественскую елку.
    9. Не беспокойтесь о Максе, он в порядке. Я только что получил от него письмо.
    10. Я вчера был болен, но сегодня чувст­вую себя лучше.
    11. Моя собака стареет. Я должен чаще во­дить ее к ветеринару.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1

  1. Some people get up late on Sundays.
  2. What’s your news? How are getting on?
  3. My friend broke her leg last year. She soon got over.
  4. Smart was very angry because he didn’t like to live in a little village, but he couldn’t get through this.
  5. Father went to Kaliningrad, but he promised to get back next week.
  6. Translate from Russian into English.
    1. «Where is Mary?» — She got cold yesterday.
    2. When she gets over, we will go camping.
    3. It’s getting dark. Take a torch.
    4. «Where were you at 6 o’clock?» — I couldn’t get through».
    5. «Will your friend get back on Wednesday?» —
    6. How is he getting on?

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