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ГДЗ английский язык 9 класс ответы

Часть 1. Семьи и друзья: мы счастливы вместе?

Разде 1. Праздники — время приключений и открытий

/. Расскажите, почему большинство под­ростков так любят каникулы. Используй­те фразы из таблички или свои мысли.

Teenagers enjoy holidays so much because they have lots of free time.

Children also like holidays because they can travel and see other places.

And, besides that, most of the teenagers like holidays because they can spend as much time as they want doing different hobbies.

ГДЗ (ответы) по английскому языку 9 класс


  1. Задайте однокласснику несколько вопро­сов. Уточните детали и расскажите об их достижениях

How many new books did you read? What new places have you been to? Who did you help?

Alia had lots of free time during her holidays. She read more than ten books and wathed two new films. She has been to Krimea.

  1. Географическая викторина. Объедините

картинки с названиями мест. Какие стра­ны изображены? Что вы о них знаете?

The Pyramid of Cheops is the famous pyramid in Egypt.

Hollywood is an area of Los Angelos which is known as a centre of the American film industry.

Stonehenge is a group of very large tall stones in England. They were put on in pre-historic period and date back to 2,500 to 1,500 ВС.

The Great Wall of China is a national symbol of the country.

Eiffel Tower is the tower in Paris. It’s a symbol of France.

  1. Ответьте на вопросы.
  • Jason is very tanned, just as if he were at the seaside during his holidays.
  • Jason spent his holidays with horses, be­cause his uncle works with horses on farm, and Jason was allowed to help him. His job responsi­bilities were to take care of the horses — to feed and groom them — and to clean the stables.
  • Jason certainly worked not for money, but for fun and pleasure looking after horses. I think so because he says that horses are so beautiful, that he enjoys spending time with them even though he came home more dead than alive.
  • I think Julia didn’t work during her holida­ys, because she was really shocked, when Jason told her, that he had worked. I suppose Julia was busy with relaxing, watching videos and going to discos.
  • Julia feels very surprised with the fact, that her friend has been working during the holidays. She even thinks that he is silly, as he is going to continue working at farm after summer. So, of course, she treats Jason just like a fool.
  • I think that Julia thought a little bit and decided to go working at farm with Jason.
  1. Составьте диалог, используя высказыва­ния (1, 2, 3, 4). Разыграйте диалог.

Mother: Look here, I think you’ve been a good boy this year and I want you to have good holidays. Would you like to go to the seaside?

Ted: Don’t be silly! I can’t swim, you know! I’ll drown. (4)

Mother: OK. How about riding holidays? There is no water there and horses are nice and friendly animals.

Ted\ I hope you don’t mean it — I don’t want to fall down and break a bone. (3)

Mother. How do you feel about going to the countryside to visit your grandmother?

Ted: Oh, God, what for? There are thousands of mosquitoes there in summer. They can bite me! (1)

Mother. Well, I think I know the place where you’ll feel absolutely safe. The sofa in the living room is just what you need.

Ted: Sounds OK to me, but don’t you think I’ll get bored and sick of doing nothing? (2)

  1. Составьте диалог о своих летних кани­кулах. Разыграйте его.
  • Hello!
  • Hi! I haven’t seen you for the whole summer! Where have you been?
  • Well, I went to the seaside with my friends. It was really exciting!
  • Yes, I imagine. How long have you stayed there?
  • For about 3 I like my holiday very much. It was great! And what about you?
  • Well, as for me, I also enjoyed my holidays very much. I didn’t go to the seaside, but to my grandmother, who lives in a village. But I also had an opportunity to swim for the whole day.
  • That’s interesting!
  1. Прочитайте диалоги и определите, что

неправильно в ответах Джейн. Исправьте.

  • Wrong answer. The right answer is «Yes, I do». The answer «No, I’m doing English» means that Jane is doing English ,at the moment, and doesn’t mean she doesn’t study algebra.
  • Wrong answer. The right answer is «Yes, I do/No, I don’t».
  • Wrong answer. The right answer is «Yes, I am/No, I’m not».
  1. Заполните пропуски. Выберите правиль­ную форму глагола.
    • sleeps;
    • is sleeping;
    • was wearing
    • wore;
    • was making;
    • have made;
    • joined;
    • had joined;
    • had been exploring;
    • had explored;
    • has chosen;
    • has been choosing.
  1. Дополните историю, используя глаголы в скобках в правильной форме.
    • prefers;
    • enjoys;
    • came;
    • had never had;
    • was studying;
    • allowed;
    • could;
    • were moving;
    • was following;
    • had never seen;
    • was working;
    • had become.

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