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9 класс. Английский язык ГДЗ, ответы


Lesson 1

    1. Choose the right answer and complete the sentences.
      1. Answer the questions.
      2. The conversation takes place at the airport.
      3. The friends have arrived in New York.
      4. Rob and Marc Mac Wizard are British. Emily and her parents, Mr and Mrs Wilson, are American. Misha Inin is Russian.
      5. The flight was a bit long but not boring.
      6. They had a very nice breakfast and lunch and Misha watched two films during the flight.

ГДЗ (ответы) по английскому языку 9 класс


    1. There are more than sixteen persons in Emily’s family (the parents, thirteen brothers, sis­ters and cousins and other relatives who couldn’t come to the airport).
    2. Choose the right sentence to complete the
      1. Ь)
      2. а)
      3. Put in the article if necessary.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1

      1. Find the mistakes or misunderstandings in

the conversation and correct them.

      1. В In this case A would say: My mother is in college today.
      2. В In this case A would say: Jack is in the prison.
      3. A made a mistake. He should say: Liz will have to go to the school tomorrow…
      1. Put in the necessary article and translate the

sentences into Russian.

      1. —; Я не езжу в школу на автобусе (не сажусь в автобус, чтобы добраться до школы), потому что я живу рядом со школой.
      2. -; -;
      • Где Венди?
      • Она в больнице. Она больна.
      • Сколько времени (как давно) она там нахо­дится?

— Она в больнице уже месяц. Давай сходим в больницу и навестим ее.

      1. —; —. Обычно она ложится спать поздно, поэтому я был очень удивлен, когда увидел ее в постели в 8 часов.
      2. Где мы встретимся? Давай встретимся около церкви.
        1. What are the people in the pictures saying? Complete the dialogues.
          1. It’s nice to meet you too!
          2. How was the flight?
          3. Hallo! I’m back!
            1. Which places in America have you heard of and would like to visit? Write 2—3 There are a lot of places of interest in America.

As for me, I’d like to visit the capital of the USA, Washington. Then I’d like to go New York and see the Statue of Liberty.

Рабочая тетрадь JVh 1

      1. Put in an article where necessary.


7.       —

8.         the

9.       —

10.      the

11.      —

1.             the

2.         —

3.             the

4.         —

5.             the

6.             the


      1. Is Torn American or English? What about


Tom is English and Diana is American.

      1. Underline the sentences that are written in

American English.

My favorite entertainment is theater.

The travelers had to walk two more kilometers before they reached the village.

Lesson 2, 3

      1. Read the text and say what places they are

planning to visit.

They are planning to visit the Empire State Building, the Chrysler, the Pan American buildings, Central Park, Manhattan and other boroughs of New York: Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx.

Find three English translations for the Russian word: достопримечательность.

      1. sight
      2. attraction
      3. place of interest
      4. Look through the fliers and answer the


      1. They will probably see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Rockefeller Center.
        1. They are going to travel by the subway.
        2. They will probably go to Ambassador Theater.
        3. Write the names of the attractions and places you see in the photos.
          1. Manhattan
          2. Central Park
          3. The Empire State Building
          4. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
          5. The Hudson River
          6. Staten Island
          7. The Statue of Liberty
          8. Broadway
          9. The Rockefeller Center
      • Look through the MetroCard flier and answer the questions.
      1. They should buy a one-day Fun Pass for each person.
      2. They will have to spend $28 on the subway if they buy a one-day Fun Pass cards.
        1. Look through the Empire State Building flier and say if the following information is true, false or not mentioned.

1.1 think it’s true.

      1. This information is not mentioned. According to the flier the Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York.
      2. This sentence is true. According to the flier it took ten months.
      3. It’s true. It took place on September 11, 2001.
      4. This confirmation is true.
      5. It’s false because they aren’t children.
      1. Look through the Ambassador Theater flier and choose the right answer.

l.b)                                        2. c)

    1. Look through the fliers of the helicopter flights, the Guggenheim Museum and the Rockefeller Center. Which of the sights…
    1. The Guggenheim Museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
    2. This information is not mentioned but I think the Rockefeller Center was built by Rockefeller.
    3. The Statue of Liberty used to welcome mil­lions of immigrants who came to America by sea.
    4. The Rockefeller Center Christmas trees are the largest and the most beautiful in New York.
    5. The Guggenheim Museum contains a collec­tion of modern art.
    6. The Statue of Liberty looks out of the sea.

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