ГДЗ (решебник) по английскому языку 11 класс New Millennium English Гроза

Ответы к учебному пособию и рабочей тетради New Millennium English 11 класс

New Millennium English 11 Student’s Book

Unit 1 Lesson 1-2


Student’s own answers.


ГДЗ (решебник) по английскому языку 11 класс


1 A learning style is a method of learning, particular to an individual.

2 It is usually defined individually.

3 Because it can help us to learn more effectively.

4 This information can be found with the help of psychological tests, for example.

5 Yes, I do. Yes, I’d love to.


Student’s own answers.


It isn’t a full description of my learning style. Usually Visual Learner needs to repeat the information, not only write it down.

It’s a kind of information that can help me quite a lot. Sometimes I don’t use all kinds of notes. Sometimes I don’t write down all the information.


lc 2b 3d4a 5f6e


a) Proficient

b) Accuracy

c) Efficient

d) Make progress


Thinks about how she is learning; willing to experiment; realistic; organized and active; balances they need for fluency and accuracy; does not rely totally on her teacher; tries different ways of learning; is not afraid of making mistakes; tries to find out what works for her; asks the teacher if she doesn’t understand; looks for opportunities to develop language; keeps notes tidy; independent, etc.


I don’t think I am a good language learner because I am lazy and not well-organised or hard-working. But I have one advantage that can help me quite a lot: I am not afraid of speaking English and I don’t have any fear of making mistakes.


la 2e 3b 4c 5d 6f7h 8g

I don’t use all of these ways. I don’t have spare time for making flash cards. I think they are useless.


It’s better to make a table or pairs with the Russian equivalent. For example:

Independent (независимый) — independence (независимость)


I promise that I will never cheat, otherwise it is impossible to show my real knowledge of the language.

Lesson 3-4


It helps to operate a computer.

I want to understand rock songs.

It is interesting.

It is useful for travelling.

It is international.

It is necessary for education.

It is necessary to get a good and well-paid job.


1 I think the English language is extremely beneficial; it has expanded my knowledge greatly and has certainly broadened my mind. As a person, I am more well-rounded, and I truly think everybody should learn another language.

2 I have used the English language for travel, and I am now looking for a job abroad. It’s a window to the world, and it has really helped me be a better writer in my own language. I have gained a greater appreciation for other cultures and my own.

3 The main trouble with English is that it’s full of nasty surprises. There are more exceptions than rules and just when you think you know a word you find out that it has another meaning. But it’s a good exercise for your brain and I enjoy learning it.

4 I just want to tell everyone who is thinking about learning English that you don’t have to be fluent, what counts is the effort. A person who just «tries» to speak another language is viewed very differently from one who doesn’t.

5 It’s cool, it expands your horizons, you can get better jobs, more money, you seem more intelligent, and people respect you more.


1 бегло

2 разностороннее

3 расширяет кругозор

4 то, что важно

5 благоприятно, полезно

6 оценить по достоинству

7 расширила

8 исключение


Hans В Lee А

Anton C Indira E Luis D


1 beneficial/ broadened my mind/ well-rounded

2 gained a greater appreciation

3 exceptions

4 fluent/ what counts

5 expands


I think Speaker 5(Luis) is absolutely right. It is impossible to get a better job without speaking foreign languages, especially English, because it is quite international.


1 at least/ about/ around/ nearly

2 at least/ about/ around/ over/ more than

3 about/ around/ fewer than

4 at least/ about/ around/ over/ more than

5 about/ around/ nearly

6 at least/ about/ around

7 at least/ about/ around/ over/ more than

8 about/ around/ nearly

9 fewer than


English is used by about sixty per cent of Internet users. Russian is used by about two per cent of Internet users. Italian is used by about three per cent of Internet users. French is used by about four per cent of Internet users. Korean is used by about four per cent of Internet users. Spanish is used by about five per cent of Internet users. German is used by about six per cent of Internet users. Chinese is used by about eight per cent of Internet users. Japanese is used by about ten per cent of Internet users.


I’d like to study Japanese because this language is used quite a lot by Internet users.


The body of the essay is divided into three paragraphs because the author writes about three languages. First she mentions the language she is studying; second, she writes about the language which it would be more useful for her to study; third the language she is unlikely to study, though she would like to.


The trip to France is not possible for the author. This is shown grammatically through the use of the 2nd conditional (if I could/ did/ were/… I would do

Предложения интернет-магазинов