ГДЗ (решебник) по английскому языку 6 класс New Millennium English Деревянко

Ответы по английскому языку 6 класс.  Ответы к учебному пособию и рабочей тетради New Millennium English 6 класс (Деревянко Н.Н. и др.)

Millennium 6 Student’s Book

Unit 1

Lesson 1

№ 2 a

1. There are 11 units in the book.

2. There are 6 lessons in a unit.

ГДЗ (решебник) по английскому языку 6 класс


3. The 6th lesson is the project.

4. There is no lesson 7.

5. I can find the unknown words in the Wordlist.

6. The Unit 1 is about summer.

7. I can find grammar rules at the end of the book on page 141. M2b\
l.’d 6. e
3. c 7. f
4. b 8. a
5. h 9. g


1. A unit about books is on page 12.

2. A unit about Great Britain is on page 38.

3. A project about party is on page 61.

4. Grammar Support is on page 141.

5. The Wordlist is on page 148.

a) 1.

b) 2.

c) 5.

d) 4.

e) 1.

f) 3.
g) 2 h) 1 0 1 J) 1 k) 2

№ 4 (возможные варианты)

1. Can I come in? — Please do.

2. How do you spell «weather»? — Thank you.

3. Have you got a pen, please? — Here you are.

Lesson 2

4. i

5. a

6. d 10. к 11. h 12. b
1. e

2. 1 3. с
i. с
7. f

8. j 9- g
№ 2 (возможные варианты)

Dima wanted to visit his granny in June.

Dima wanted to ride his bike there and play football.

Dima wanted to do swimming in the river.

Dima wanted to go to a campsite in August with his dad..

Dima wanted to climb mountains there.

№ 3 а (возможные варианты)

1. Dima didn’t read book.

2. Dima didn’t pick mushrooms.

3. Dima didn’t make sandcastles.

№ 3b (возможные варианты)

1. Dima ate a lot of ice cream.

2. Dima went to the cinema.

3. Dima took a lot of photos.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)

1. In the summer I went to Australia.

2. I went there with my parents.

3. We saw a lot of crocodiles.

4. It was sunny and hot.

5. I went to parks.

6. I ate a lot of ice cream.

№ 5 (возможные варианты)

In the summer I went to the seaside. I went there with my parents. Wewent to the beach. We saw a lot of dolphins there. I went swimming. I ate a lot of ice cream.

Lesson 3

№ la (возможные варианты)

Jane liked everything in Moscow but she liked friendly people most of all.

№ lc (возможные варианты)

1 She saw a lot of interesting things and places of interest such as Red Square and the Kremlin.

2 She went to museums and to the Bolshoi Theatre.

3 She ate a lot of ice-cream, borsch, blini, pelmeni..

4 She liked friendly people most.


I think Max wrote about his fantasy holidays. (The Amazon is not in South Africa, it is in South America. Tigers and kangaroos don’t live in Africa. Chocolate doesn’t grow on trees.)

№ 2b (возможные варианты)

— Max how did you spend your holiday?

— Who did you go with?

— Where did you travel?

— What did you do there?

— What did you see there?

— What did you eat there?

— What did like most?

№ 3 (возможные варианты)

— Where did you spend your holiday?

— I spent my holiday in the South Africa.

— What did you do there?

— I went swimming, played football, ate a lot of ice cream…

— Did you like it?

— Yes, it was my best holiday.

№ 4 (возможные варианты)

Dear Lilly,

How are you? Did you enjoy your summer holidays? Last summer I went to Sochi. I went there with my parents. They like traveling very much. We went to the beach every day. I went swimming

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