ГДЗ (решебник) по английскому языку 8 класс New Millennium English Дворецкая

Ответы к учебному пособию и рабочей тетради 8 класс

Millennium 8 Textbook

Unit 1 A teenager’s world Lesson 1 Holiday time

Ex. la


2. c

3. d


ГДЗ (решебник) по английскому языку 8 класс


5. i

6. f 7. h 8g 9. a

Ex\ lb

1. Yes, I have.

2. Go scuba diving, go on roller coasters are new to me.

3. I would like to try to go scuba diving

Ex. 2a B, F, G. I

Ex. 2b

George liked to see a show at a water park. Rebecca didn’t like to wake up too early.

Ex. 2c

[ liked to spend all days on the beach and played vol ley balls with other tourists. I didn’t like to visit different excursions because I had to wake up at 6 in the morning.

Ex. 3a

1. It was such a loud bell.

2. The bell rang loudly.

3. adverb

4. Adverb answers the question how?, the adjective answers the question what?

Ex. 3b

1. verb

2. by adding -ly to the adjective

3. hard, fast, late

4. good-well

Ex. 3c

I. graceful


he is the fastest deep


Ex. 3d

1. How do you usually do jigsaw puzzles? — Quickly

2. How do you usually play football, basketball, tennis? — Badly

3. How do you usually ride a bike? -Carefully

4. How do you usually shout when you win a match? — Loudly

5. How do you usually do things on holiday? — Happily

6. How do you usually smile on the first day at school? — Sadly


Last summer I was in Paris. The first part of my holiday I went to the museums and galleries. The second part of my summer holiday I spent in Florida. I sunbathed on the beaches. So I have an excellent tan. In Paris it was interesting to know culture of this country. I liked to watch people. There are a lot of distinction between French and American. And in Florida I just had a rest. To do nothing sometimes can be very useful.

Lesson 2 The «thumb generation»

Ex. la 1. b

2. e

3. c

4. a

5. d

Ex. lb

a) The index finger

b) The thumb

c) The index finger

d) The index finger

e) The index finger

f) The index finger and the thumb

g) The index finger

2. The index finger Ex. 2a

1. The girl is writing a massage

2. She is using the index finger

3. The buttons are too small, and it is very difficult to push the right button.

Ex. 2b

A-2 B-l

Ex. 2 c

1. The thumb is getting bigger.

2. Children spend so much time texting and playing computer games.

3. The modem technology can change the way our bodies grow.

4. Yes, I belong to. (No, I don’t belong to).

Ex. 3 a l.b 2. b

3. Truant is a verb Addicted is an adjective
Ex. 3 b
1 truant from school
2 truant from home
3 truant from somebody who looks after you
4 an addicted player
5 a teenager addicted to playing computer games
6 Some teenagers become addicted to playing computer games
7 Some addicted teenagers play computer games for more than 30 hours a week

Ex. 4 a
Advantages Disadvantages
— computer games will help you learn — the games develop your thinking — you develop your computer skills — it’s bad for your eyes — your fingers feel sore — you live in unreal life — you can become addicted to video games
Ex. 4 b
Advantages Disadvantages
— computer will help you find friends — you can learn a lot about different countries — you can have headache — you can lose all your friends because of computer games

Lesson 3 A brainy teenager

Ex. la 1. d 2. b

3. e

4. c

5. a

Ex. lb

The brain grows very quickly between the ages often and twelve in normal children. Their lobes are so big. It could explain why teenagers often seem emotional and be clumsy.

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