Starlight Starter (Звездный английский для начинающих). Teacher’s Book. Баранова К.М., Дули Д., Копылова В.В.

Поурочные методические рекомендации являются обязательным компонентом УМК серии «Звёздный английский» для начинающих. Пособие включает методические советы по работе с учебником, описание целей, задач и содержания уроков, подробное поурочное планирование, аудиоскрипты, ключи к упражнениям учебника и рабочей тетради, картинки и шаблоны для изготовления поделок, таблицы оценивания работы учащихся.

Introduction p. 4
Programme (Contents & Syllabus) p. 14
Module 1 Hello! p. 19
Module 2 My Schoolbag p. 27

Starlight Starter (Звездный английский для начинающих). Teacher’s Book.

Module 3 My Home p. 35
Module 4 My Toys p. 43
Module 5 My Face p. 51
Module 6 My Food p. 59
Module 7 My Animals p. 67
Module 8 My Senses p. 75
Fun Time! p. 83
Season’s Greetings! p. 85
Mother’s Day! p. 87
My Alphabet p. 89
Instruments for Evaluation p. 101
Templates p. 104
Alphabet Picture-Word Cards p. 120
Alphabet Worksheets p. 126
Workbook (Key & Instructions) p. 152

Starlight Is a course designed for Russian specialised language school И follow* the Russian Standard of Education ond alms to Introauce young students to the English language. The course has been designed to be covered In apuroxlmateiy 100-110 hours. Young learners w*U be captivated Dy the adventures ot Woody and Frosty as they enter the Magic Forest ana meet Zrflna. WIffow ana AMn Througn an array of activities such as stones, songs, sticker activities arid ciaftwo’k. Ihe students will be Introduced to theme-oriented vocabulary and some simple structures. In tnls way. tne students will find the learning process enjoyable as they embark on their journey to discover the English language.

Starlight Starter contains e*ght modules.

^Student’s Book
The Student’s Bock has been designed to appeal to. as well as Involve, the students In language learning. New language is in a clear and effective way by means of lively dialogues, songs, games and listening activities Each moauie. comprised of eight lessons including a consolidation section, contains Interesting and captivating topics for young learners, reinforced by meaningful activities, which encourage children to thmw ana speak In English Each page promotes acHve participation ana i\teractlon on the»r part, as well as the development ot their receptive and productive skills
• Our School

The QURSCHOOt. section in tne Student’s 3ook presents the new far>guage with crass-ctjr^ciJcr materia!, The students use English to complete tne tasks reknteo to other subject areas such as An. Moths. Health and Safely, etc. This reinforces Iheif language learning and promote» learner independence and peer cooperation.

My Junior Language Portfolio

My Junior Language Portfolio b used to keep mote’ial that the students collect and use. along wtth any extra material given by the teacher throughout the course. My JbAiar Languoge PortfoBo nas been designed to stimulate and support the learning of the English language Its purpose Is ta help thn students reflec* on. realise tneir progress In and improve their language learning.

My Junior Language Portfolio is the students’ property it is a tool to accompany the students’ language learning throughout their school life and Is suitable tor documenting their learning both inside and outside the classroom

In practice. Language Portfolios may Include project wot*, computer diskettes (with vvortc or drawings completed inside or outside the class). DVDs (with the students’ favourite story ar with performances of songs, school plays, etc.). ce’ttficates. laports from \eachon or even c collection of objects or pictures, it is a collection of material that the learners want to keep as evidence cf tnelt learning. The main emphesis te on the process of learning As a result, while compiling their Junior Languoge Portfolios, students learn how to work independently.

How to make a Juniot Language Portfolio

During the first lesson, explain to the students mat they should bring In a dossier. which they win have with them at all limes and m whicn they will keep their Junior Language Portfolio f-or the next lessor., oring in self-adhesive labels, write My Junior Languoge Portfolio on ttierr» and help your learners stick them onto their dossiers. Demonstrate how lo store their matenal In their Junior Language Portfolios and make sure they update it regularly.

• Certificate of Achievement

This is filled in upon coaptation of tne course. The aim of this certificate U to reward the students as well as give them a sense of achievement.

Test Booklet

The T*st Booklet contains eight cfiotocopiabie Jests which ore to be done upon completion of each corresponding module.

^’Teacher’s Book

The ‘eocher’s Book provides steooy-srep lesson piars. as wofl as the answers ?a the exercise? lr both the Student’s Booh and trie Workbook it also contains extra ideas on how to present new words and language patterns, additional acttvmes and games, as weJI as tapescripfo la tne ironing activities.

Tho Teacher’s Book also induces:

I Initruments for Evaluation

Evaluation is an essential do* I of the learning process, if hetps tne learners become aware of their progress in the targot languoge. how much they nave achieved and what areas need further practice. Evaluation also allows teachers to reflect on the validity of their teaching practices and rtie types of material being used

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