Английский язык. 3 класс. Рабочая тетрадь. Верещагина И.Н., Притыкина Т.А.

Рабочая тетрадь является составным компонентом УМК «Английский язык» для 3 класса и, так же как и учебник, имеет поурочную структуру и предназначена для тренировки и практики учащихся в употреблении материала, представленного в учебнике. Задания рабочей тетради направлены на формирование орфографических, грамматических и лексических навыков иноязычной речи, а также на развитие умений письменной речи.

Английский язык. 3 класс. Рабочая тетрадь.

Текст из учебника

Дорогие мальчика и девочки!
Данное пособие поможет вам систематически контролировать свои успехи в овладении английским языком.
Если вы научитесь трудиться самостоятельно, это поможет вам в вашей дальнейшей учёбе и жизни.
Когда надо начинать работать с этим пособием? Параллельно с работой по теме в учебнике.
Незнакомые слова формулировок заданий вынесены в англо-русский словарь в учебнике.
«Ключи» к заданиям даны в конце пособия. Они помогут вам проверить правильность выполнения заданий.
А можете ли вы сами правильно и справедливо оценить свою работу? Вспомните, как вы это делали в 1 и 2 классах: сначала оце-
ните свою работу сами
потом попросите это сделать ваших
родителей , затем э
оценки будут совпадать. Итак, за работу!
, затем это сделает учитель
Надеемся, что всеLessons 14—27
Ask Mike if he did that yesterday. Use the verbs: play, watch TV, help about the house, skate, ski, skip. Write your questions.
Now write what Mike did yesterday. Use the same verbs (see Exercise 1).
Write questions for more information. Begin them with the words given.
She played.
1) Who_?
2) Did_?
3) With whom_?
4) When_?
5) Why_?
6) Where_?
7) What games_?
Write that Nancy didn’t do what Mike did yesterday (see Exercise 2).
* . > > a) Write what you like/don’t like to eat and to drink.
b) And what about your mother?
Write what you usually have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper.
«Tastes differ» — the English proverb goes. Write what food you think is tasty.
Write 6 sentences. Begin them like this: / think that… is (are) tasty. I don’t think that… is (are) tasty.
3 )_
4 )_
5 )_
6 )_
Give a more general word:
1) carrot, potato, tomato_
2) apple, banana, orange_
3) tea, coffee, milk, water, juice_
4) porridge, bread, meat, fish, soup, cheese, butter_
Write out the words denoting the things that need cooking.
mouth, porridge, different, soup, yesterday, meat, country, fish, today, chicken, spaghetti, eat, cup, salad, pudding, buy, toast, grow, glass, hamburger, last, pizza, year, salt, tasty, without, egg
Paul asks Jim what he ate yesterday. Look at the picture and write questions for Paul.
Thomas has a sweet tooth. What do you think he likes to eat? Choose the words.
ice cream, soup, chocolate, bread, porridge, butter, jam, spaghetti, sweet, potato, cake, carrot, cookie
Complete the sentences using the proper tense of the verbs:
eat, buy, make, have, grow.
1) Usually I_eggs for breakfast. Yesterday I_eggs
for supper.
2) Last week Dad and I_a big cake, because
Mum_a birthday.
3) My brother usually_toys for our little sister. Yesterday
he_a beautiful doll for her.
4) Different fruit trees_in our garden. Last year
Granny_different vegetables in the country.
Use Exercise 10 and write out the words, that go with:
Complete the dialogue by using the words from the box.
thirsty, the salt, terrible, I wonder, matter, Yes, please, hungry, pass me, to have, I’d love to, Thanks
Mum: Dan, you look_! What’s the_
with you? Have you got a headache? Dan: No, thanks. I’m just very_
Mum: Would you like
Mum: Here it is! Dan:_
. The soup isn’t salty.
some soup?
Mum: Here you are.
Mum: Will you have some meatballs?
Mum: What would you like for a drink,_?
Dan: Oh, everything! Juice and coffee. I’m_.
Mum: You really are!
Read the text and write how many times a day English families have tea.
Getting up
Alarm clock goes off2 — early cup of tea in bed.
Taking a shower.
Having breakfast.
Going to school and work.
At school or in an office. Tea or coffee.
Early afternoon
Cups of tea in offices.
Tea for mother and children at home.
1 routine [ru:’ti:nl — заведённый порядок
2 alarm [э’1а:т] clock goes off — звонит будильник
Late afternoon High tea,1 hot meal, cake, cheese, salad, tea. Chidren under three have small meal or milk and biscuits; then off to bed.
Hot supper for family, if they haven’t had high tea.
Evening Watch television.
Do homework.
Go out to clubs and friends.
Going to bed Have a hot drink. Take a shower or have a wash. Get into bed.
1 high tea —
плотный ужин с чаем
Lessons 29—35
1 Write the past indefinite tense of the verbs:
drink_ go_
buy_ bring_
eat_ write_
make_ be_
grow_ have_
2 Refer the sentences to the past:
1) Whenever my uncle visits us he always brings some nice presents for me.
2) At Christmas they usually go to Trafalgar Square and look at the Christmas tree.
3) Ann dances very well.
4) My brother usually does his morning exercises at 6 o’clock.
5) The frog catches flies.
6) The grandpa is a good fisherman. Whenever he goes fishing he usually catches a lot of fish.
Write what presents you got on your birthday.
Find and circle 9 words on the topic «Holidays».
с n h s e n d a b
b e 0 P с d e f g
i w 1 r h i j к 1
r m i e V i s i t
t n d s b 0 P n q
h r a e s r t V u
d V У n w X a i У
a z a t p a r t У
У b с d e f g e e
Here are the answers. What are the questions?
B: It was my birthday yesterday.
В: I invited my friends to my birthday party.
В: There were five children at the party.
B: Yes, they brought me some presents.
B: They brought me some books, toys and a large box of sweets.
B: There was a nice little kitten in the box.
B: Yes, I was very happy.
Write questions for more information.
Kitty sent a present.
Santa Claus brought a large bag of presents for children on New Year. Try and guess what presents were in the bag. Write 8 questions. The words in the box can help you.
a big doll four hares
three little kittens an elephant
a dog five ducks
two birds a crocodile

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