Enjoy English. 10 класс. Рабочие тетради. Биболетова М.З. и др.

Рабочая тетрадь является составной частью учебно-методического комплекта «Английский с удовольствием» для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений, у который английский язык изучается с 1-го или 2-го класса, и тесно связана с учебником структурно и содержательно. Основное ее назначение — помочь учащимся закрепить и активизировать материал учебника: автоматизировать лексико-грамматические навыки, развивать умения учащихся в чтении и письменной речи. В тетрадь включены некоторые типы заданий, часто используемые в ЕГЭ и других системах тестирования, что готовит к объективному контролю и самоконтролю учащихся в процессе изучения английского языка. Рабочая тетрадь соответствует уровню подготовки учащихся, рекомендованному для данного года обучения государственным стандартом общего образования Российской Федерации по иностранным языкам.


Часть 1.

Часть 2.


Описание учебника

Underline the words and expressions which you associate with your school life.
to make life complete to concentrate on studies lack of independence lack of free time to know everyone an elective subject to focus on the subject to write tests to be lazy to get prepared for a future job to take part in sports events to party with fellow students extracurricular activities to be stressed out interesting lessons to broaden your horizons to cheat at test to waste time confusing schedules to acquire knowledge and skills to feel proud of ambitious plans to worry about the future to rely on friends and teachers compulsory uniform challenging tasks to learn something you’ll never use to be disappointed with something to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills
Complete the essay about what school means to you. Write about:
• how you feel about school in general
• the part of school life you enjoy most
• what makes you feel unhappy or anxious about
• if your school provides you with a good start for adult life or not
If your choice is accepted, suggest going to the Head of the school to find out more details about the course (how long it is, who is going to run it, when it starts) If your choice is rejected, suggest talking about it some other time. Set the time and the place for the next meeting.
10. Imagine that you need to do an elective course in your school. You may choose the subject from the dialogue above or make your own choice. Write what subject you would like to do and justify your choice. Use the following questions as guidelines.
• What subject should be taught in your class as an elective course?
. Why do you find it interesting / exciting / useful for your future career / good to develop your intelligence?
• hi what way could it be useful to other students in your class?
to have a passion for
to fall under the spell of Egyptology / English
Literature / Fine Arts, etc. to be useful for the future career / to develop
your intelligence to focus on
to read as widely as possible on the subject
to find something inspiring
I’ve always wanted to learn
I like reading information in the original
Some people believe that… is more important.
If you want my opinion…
That’s just how 1 see it.
The main argument for / against… is…
Work in pairs. Put the ideas about a school uniform from the box (see Ex. 43, p. 20 in Student’s Book) into two columns. Add your own ideas if any.
Work in pairs. Discuss what’s important for your image (see Ex. 55, p. 22 in Student’s Book). Complete the web.
Listen to the teenagers speaking about fashion (see Exs. 57-59, p. 23 in Student’s Book.)
a) Make notes in the second column of the table.
b) Listen to the interviews again and fill in columns 3-5 of the table.
c) Fill in the last line of the table. Whose opinion is closer to yours?
Match the words and the pictures. Make up sentences with each of the words.
1 striped
2 checked
3 plain
4 dotted
5 flowery
6 patterned
Example: When I was small, I hated wearing my old-fashioned striped pyjamas at bedtime.
you could give the people there.
4 You’d better put on a hat.
5 I’d rather you didn’t wear fur in this place.
6 It’s not a very good idea to wear jewellery in the zoo.
Respond to the letter as if Julia were your good friend.
I’m on holiday now and will be able to come to see you in a couple of days. I can stay at your place for a week or so, if you don’t mind it of course! I don’t feel like dragging lots of luggage with me, so could you give me some idea of what clothes I should take to feel neither sweaty nor cold? What kind of weather are you having? And what stuff could you recommend me to have to be appropriately dressed for any occasion? See you very soon, Julia
Complete the dialogue according to the guidelines.
Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell the teacher or anybody else about it. But why do you always look for excuses to miss PE? After all, it’s your health…
You can put it like that if you like. But don’t give me away. Don’t get any idea about it!
Either agree or disagree and emphasise the idea that regular sport helps avoid health problems and that’s why helps people look more attractive.
Say about the first reason why you miss the lessons: you don’t believe, that PE lessons can help look fit and attractive.
Your second reason is that you find PE very boring, and you’d rather do karate / long jumping / etc. Say why.
Say if you find it realistic or not for a person who avoids sport on a regular basis. Suggest jogging every morning together as the first step to a more demanding sport.
Either accept the idea and thank the partner, or reject it and invent some appropriate