Мы английский учим сами. Англо-русские рифмовки. Хемерова Г.А.

Разучивание англо-русских рифмовок становится интересным и увлекательным занятием для детей, изучающих английский язык на раннем этапе обучения. Такой вид работы доступен для любого ребёнка. Разучивание англо-русских рифмовок не вызывает у детей больших трудностей, а приносит им радость от успешного усвоения английских звуков и слов.

Мы английский учим сами. Англо-русские рифмовки. Хемерова Г.А.



We learn English by ourselves I 12 I English-Russian rhymes
Section one
English alphabet (The ABC)
«HEY! Get over here! From the water fountain!»
Bb [bi:]
«BI-BI-bi! the car hums. She’s running out of gas.
Cc [si:]
Blue fell frost And the tree hid the needles.
Dd [di:]
Dima was going to visit. The whole evening dressed.
Ee [i:]
Irina lost the doll. Three hours looking for her.
We learn English by ourselves I 12 I English-Russian rhymes
Ff [ef]
Ethiopia is country. From Russia not visible.
Gg [d3i:]
The jeep is huge in the yard. Nowhere to run kids.
Hh [eitj]
«HEY, Turtle! Come out! Give rather key Pinocchio!»
Ii [ai]
«OW!»cried Alena. — The needle is very prickly!»
GAZelle in the steppe big lives. The entire day to ride not’.
Kk [kei]
Casey’s going to live in a country with so many kangaroos.
Ll [el]
The ellipse — not a circle! Compasses falling from his hands.
Mm [em]
Emma loves to dance and play the violin.
Nn [en]
Vigorously mopping the floor. The third hour is already gone.
Oo [ei]
Owen is my English friend. He doesn’t live very close.
We learn English by ourselves I 12 I English-Russian rhymes
Pp [pi:]
«PI-PI-PI!»- squeaked mouse. Cheese would eat the baby.
Qq [kju:]
Birds fly South. Wait out the winter there.
Rr [a:]
Anna Komar was caught. All the dishes.
Ss [es]
I’ll buy an eskimo. I love him!
Tt [ti:]
Quieter! Vanya falls asleep. He closes his eyes.
Uu [ju:]
Julia went for a walk in the rain. Wet my feet again.
Vv [vi:]
Cherry blossomed in may. Summer crops gave.
Ww [dAbl ju:]
Yes, Yura was restless. Soup spilled before dinner.
Xx [eks]
We are waiting for the tour for a long time. Again in Museum on foot shall go.
Yy [wai]
Wyoming is a huge state. It’s beautiful, they say.
Zz [zed]
RESEDA in garden blooms. To visit the bees to his calling.
Fruits and berries
Looking among the branches of Mary’s Dark-red CHERRY. (cherry)
Loves the monkey
Early in the morning have a BANANA. (banana)
Causes only sluggish Unripe bitter ORANGE. (orange)
Are there any health problems? Drink hot tea with LEMON. (lemon)
Are those beets or turnips?
— No! Remember, this is APPLE. (EPL)
Look at the branch on the left-Yellow big PEAR. (pea)
We’ll split the Purple PLUM in half. (plam)
Max! Come to the table! Take IT from the strawberry. (strawberry)
— The Bush is full of berries! Raspberry keeps up. (rasberi)
— Olya! Warm up the kettle, Put it on a dish of GRAPE! (grape)
We learn English by ourselves I 12 I English-Russian rhymes
Fruit and berries
We learn English by ourselves I 12 I English-Russian rhymes
The soup will not be to eat Anya, If the soup is ONION. (Anen)
Natasha has our bow
This color, as EGG-PLANT. (eg-plant)
We admitted the boy Alex — He really doesn’t like GARLIC. (Galik)
Asked Mrs. savage that she bought CABBAGE. (cabig)
Can you tell me, guys, what color is our TOMATO? (tamato)
Rain is dripping from the sky. Watering CUCUMBERS. (cucumbez)
Quickly our rabbit will check Where it grows in the country CARROT. (carrot)
The porch sack someone, And in that pouch — POTATO. (patato)
In the cellar in winter Grandmother keeps carrots and BEET. (bit)
Don’t you have a beautiful frame?
It is necessary to insert a photo of PUMPKIN. (pumpkin)
For our girlfriend Julia, we bought a red TULIP. (Tulip)
Our mom got a Big white LILY. (lily)
In the morning SNOWDROP grew. (snowdrop) and yesterday there was a snowdrift.
Growing up on a bed of DAFFODIL. (daffodil) a star like he was.
Have you seen the pictures? It’s Sphinx. And here is flowers: chamomile, PINKS. (pinks)
Of grass looked at us
Delicate little BLUEBELL. (Bluebell)
Need to cooked sauce and put in a vase ROSE. (rose)
A bumblebee buzzed over the DANDELION. (Danny) our dog barked at him.
Every morning baby Gracie Waters OX-EY DAISY. (ox-eye Daisy)
In may LILIEZ OF THE VALLEY (lilies s ze valley) more often in grass whitened.
Kate English Kate, a plate is a PLATE. (plate)
Surprised us in the circus magician: turned the Shoe into a JUG. (Jag)
Cat paw tablecloth-DAC! On the floor-pie and CUP. (burl)
Dropped Valya FORK (FOC) and cheesecake tray.
Valera, you’re such a talker!
Eat the soup, take the SPOON soon! (spoon)
Flew into the kitchen of the wasp.
Who left SAUSER with honey? (SOS)
We bought a vase, a hair dryer and ten liters of PAN. (Pan)
Ilya broke GLASS today. (voice) and we don’t have a Cup.
The mornings are full of trouble!
Where porcelain TEAPOT? (tipot)
I know that in the kitchen somewhere
There was a big green KETTLE. (cetl)
Performance seen the Glory. Funny boy CLOWN. (clown)
We want to play football. We need a black and white BALL. (bole)
Loudly at the door rang with a bow Christmas BELL. (Bel)
Rattle, noise, siren, Drobot — ROBOT flooring goes. (robot)
We missed all the deadlines. ROCKET launch tomorrow. (rocket)
Bow untied, crumpled hem. Put DOLL in order! (dol)
Told the guys Mike that he bought a BIKE. (bike)
The race begins.
All aboard! — honking FLAG. (flag)
Come to my website! See how to make a KITE. (kite)
Christmas eve tomorrow.
Decorate the house! Blow up BALLOONS! (baluns)
I’ll put some glitter on the Desk. It is the cleanest DESK. (disc)
Our teacher Mr. Lowe brought a huge GLOBE to the class. (globe)
Fidget this Ben! Dropped my PEN under the Desk. (foams’)
Look in the pencil case, Nancy!
There lies the green PENCIL. (pensil)
Look at the MAP! (MEP) they grow bread here.
Goes to school man-behind on the straps BAG. (bag)
Marina suddenly remembered that she had forgotten her BOOK at home. (beech)
A headache from the noise!
Quieter! Picked up the RULER! (rule)
Old schooner drift date Kept this PAPER. (Pape)
Be serious, laugh less! Mary, you have found the ERASER? (erase)

Мы английский учим сами. Англо-русские рифмовки.

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